Complete ROV command and control station.

Small-sized portable ROV command and control device.

The most advanced Minehunter Ships command and control system in service today.

Floating wireless link, which allows to control “PLUTO FAMILY” ROVs without the need of a physical link between the ROV and the controlling ship/platform.

Electro-mechanic device dedicated to the management of “PLUTO FAMILY” ROVs umbilical cable during a mission. The umbilical cable is released or rolled up on the winch drum, depending on the operating needs, thus allowing the free navigation of the ROV and avoiding the accumulation of cable in the sea.

Electromechanical device that allows ROVs to interact with the environment, manipulating and retrieving small underwater objects.

Hardware and software tool developed to allow future ROV pilots to get acquainted with the system and to familiarize with console commands, ROVs response, mission execution and basic malfunctions effect during a simulated countermining mission that resembles, as far as training is concerned, a real countermining scenario.