The Radio-buoy is a floating device towed by any of the Pluto Family ROVs, enabling a wireless link between the vehicle and the commanding console. This innovative technology, eliminates the need of a physical connection between the ship and the ROV.

In respect to conventional cable controlled systems, the Radio-Buoy allows for:

  • Semi-AUV missions with precise automatic and independent predefined pattern navigation; possibility of real time data analysis and operator intervention for immediate target inspection.
  • Harbor protection: either semi-autonomous or through live remote control in compatibility with sea traffic patterns.
  • Remote control of the ROV from any platform like, frigate, fishing boat, helicopter, containerized surveillance/emergency unit, etc.
  • Elimination of complicated umbilical cable handling equipment.
  • Increased vehicle speed, endurance and maneuverability, due to the lack of drag resistance of long umbilical cables.

The Radio-Buoy is fully compatible with all standard Pluto Family ROVs otherwise driven by umbilical cable/winch.
The Radio-buoy is connected to the vehicle by means of a 150 meters long umbilical cable, rolled on a miniaturized, hydrodynamic winch fitted to the hull of the vehicle.
Intelligent technology autonomously controls the cable tension and unwinds/winds the required quantity of cable.
Through the Radio-Buoy wireless link the operator is supplied with live data from the vehicle, including TV Camera images, SONAR images and vehicle parameters.
Through the Radio-Buoy mounted GPS and the physical model of the ROV inertial movements, the operator is provided with accurate position of the two units on a geo-referenced map displayed on the commanding console, giving the possibility to mark the position of identified objects for later action.

Specifications RADIO BUOY
Dimensioni 2650 - 340 - 200 mm
Antenne dati, video, GPS
Operatività fino a mare stato 3


  • Wireless control up to a distance of 3 km
  • Capability to plan and perform semi-autonomous missions, with real-time data and video representation
  • Adjustable umbilical cable lenght between ROV and Radiobuoy
  • Compatibility: PLUTO PLUS PLUTO GIGAS
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