PILOTA is the most advanced mine-hunters command and control system in service today. It has as primary role the control and coordination of all mine search, identification and disposal tasks assigned to an MCMV.

PILOTA is supplied and installed as a turn-key system and it is interfaced with all concerned ship sensors and equipment so to constitute an integrated controller and supervisor of all ship mission functions.

PILOTA includes a shore based Mine Warfare Data Centre (MWDC), system simulators and an optional Mine Warfare Training Range for complete mine warfare training and coordination.

PIOLTA unique integrated autopilot allows the combat room to be always aware of and in charge of all navigation aspects both for dynamic positioning and ship transfer tasks.
PILOTA safeties, allow to avoid navigation in dangerous areas and guarantee suitable redundancies to cope for eventual failures.

Specifications PILOTA
Dimensions 600 - 810 - 1600 mm
Weight 100 kg (shock absorber included)
Monitors 2 LCD + 1 tactile
Certifications EMI, Shock, Vibration
Controlled System Vehicles, sonar, radar, others
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