MIKI (Mine Killer) is a small size disposable underwater ROV for MINE HUNTING, identification and destruction.

MIKI is the latest generation of Naval ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle) designed for sea mine countermeasures, intended to be sacrificial, meaning that in case of positive mine identification and following to the pilot decision, MIKI can be exploded together with the mine.
MIKI satisfies the requirement of rapid mine clearance in crisis situations.
MIKI can operate in sea current conditions up to 3 knots and zero visibility, due to the extreme turbidity of the water.
MIKI is then a single role vehicle that can stand besides the PLUTO PLUS and PLUTO GIGAS to complete the equipment of a typical minehunter ship.

Specifications MIKI
Dimensions 1100 - 500 - 410 mm
Weight in air 50 kg
Operating depth 300 m (600 m optional)
Maximum speed 5 kn
Sonar range 0.5 m to 120 m


  • Disposable solution capable of carrying directional or omni-directional charges
  • Three thrusters and two trim adjustment flaps for precise navigation control
  • Wide range target search capability
  • Hydrodynamic slide allows to operate safely on the seabed
  • Application fields: DEFENCE
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